Day 5 of 14

So it’ only been 5 days since I got this Zio Patch put on and after day 2 it was already starting to peel off my skin. It’s kind of irritating because every other day I have to put on tape to make sure it stays on. The other day while I was sleeping, my boyfriend woke me up frantic because it was blinking red and he thought something was wrong with me. I was fine, but it was blinking because the leads were not attached to my skin. They say try not to sweat too much but with the kind of heat we have been having here, that’s pretty hard to not do. So I find myself looking all weird in public trying to hold onto my chest to make sure that it doesn’t fall off.

Again, there is no hiding this bulking thing on my chest and I’ve been getting all sorts of crazy looks. It doesn’t bother me much, I just ignore them. But one of my friends was like “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!” I mean really, thanks for saying it like that LOL. Gotta love them! I think it looks weirder though because I have the extra tape around it. No I don’t put it all over the place, I have it nicely placed but it does kind of stick out and looks just as uncomfortable as it really is. Plus you can probably see all the sticky residue from the leftover adhesive.

My biggest problem right now with it is remembering to push the button when I am having a system or sometimes I feel like I’m pushing it too much. It’s hard to tell when there are multiple symptoms one right after the other and then I just get finger pushing happy. Then I also forget to log it in the journal. I already filled it up but there are a lot of entries that I forgot to add and I still got 8 more days to go. To be honest, even though this thing is helpful for the doctor to see, it’s a real pain in the butt to have to deal with it day in and day out. It just gets in the way of everything. Hoping the days go by faster so that I can take it off already!


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