Zio Patch

My last follow up appointment my doctor informed me that he wanted me to wear this rhythm monitor called the Zio XT Patch. It must be kind of pricey because they had to talk to my health insurance to see if they would cover it and it took almost a week to hear back from them. Anyway, today I got it put on and BOY, OH BOY DID IT HURT!!! No lies! They first had to shave the chest area, and no not for hair (unless you do have hair there) but the dead skin on your chest. Then they have to sand it with this sand paper looking thing for a few minutes. That was sore but not so bad. The worst part is when the nurse had to wipe it with 4 different alcohol wipes! That burns like crazy!!!! I’ve had this on for a few hours now and it still hurts. I have to wear it for 2 weeks and every time I feel a symptom I have to push the button on the top. I also have to log it in this little journal book with the date, time, how I felt, how long it lasted, and what I was doing. The problem is some days are better than others and I get symptoms almost throughout the whole day; yet they gave me this journal that only has about 12 pages. Um, just one day will fill that whole book up. Yes, that’s how crazy I feel on most days. When I have a good day, boy do I have a good day but when I get bad days, I have really bad days. Bad days consist of dizziness, exhaustion, chest tightness, chest pains, hard time breathing, and extremely fast heart beats. I can’t even get up out of bed on those types of bad days, yes it sucks having heart conditions. But I guess this is something that I need to see if there are any other underlying problems other than my WPW, ST, and IST. Oh and another thing with this Zio patch is there is no hiding it unless you wear a turtle neck but you can’t sweat too much or else it will fall off. They want me to go about my daily life so that they can see my continuous heart rhythm for 2 weeks. So.. here goes nothing.. Results to follow on July 29th. *crossing fingers nothing too crazy*


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